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Commercial Vehicle Products

SORL Bulgaria offers a wide range of products for commercial vehicles and the systems that keep them going: Air storage, supply and protection, Conventional and Electronic Brake Control units, Brake Actuation and Trailer Coupling. You and your clients will benefit from quality alternative products meeting all OEM requirements and specifications. The mutual efforts of SORL R&D Team and our engineers in the Lab result in new, high quality products for the European market.

Braking Systems

Air Systems

Electronic Brake Control Units

Being a global leader in the braking systems, SORL has years of experience and competence guaranteeing the safety and quality of our braking solutions. We are offering everything that you might need:

Brake Chambers (Cam and Disc)

Spring Brakes (Cam and Disc)



Understanding the importance of the constant and stable air flow through the truck and the trailer, we have a wide range of products to meet all your needs:


Air Reservoirs

Air Dryers and Filters


Multi Circuit Protection Valves

Pressure Limiting Valves

Safety Valves

SORL products in the area of electronic systems that we offer ranges from Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) to Anti-Lock Braking systems (ABS):


ABS ECU for trailers

ABS Solenoid Modulators

ABS Speed Sensors

ABS Pole Wheels

ABS Cables


Here you can download our latest catalog with our full product range. You can use the search function to navigate. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any enquiries and questions, we will be delighted to assist. 

File name Size  
Air Brake Systems 11.67M download
Air Compressors 11.27M download
Air Flow Sensors 552.43K download
Brake Pads 28.15M download
Clutch Covers and Discs 1.99M download
Coalescing Cartridge 1.24M download
EBS Parts 1.47M download
Electric Power Steering Pumps 6.06M download
Electrical Parts 13.13M download
Filters 56.49M download
NEW Energy products 2.87M download
New Products 2018 18.00M download
NEW PRODUCTS 2019 1.57M download
SORL New Parts 2017 11.50M download
SORL Products 735.58K download
Tubes and fittings 18.61M download
Turbo charger 8.37M download

• E - mark Certificate

• Diecasting facility
SORL has acquired a new factory for high-quality castings with a focus on original equipment manufacturers as well as aftermarket manufacturers such as Mercedes, Changan Ford, ZF, Bosch, TRW, Valeo, Wabco, Sanden and others.

• Patent award for SORL
We are happy to share SORL Auto Parts, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive brake systems as well as other key safety-related auto parts, announced that its design for an electric air compressor recently won the "2017 Excellent State Patent Award". The State Patent Award is the highest government Patent Award in China and is the only government award recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO").

• Ruili Kormee
KORMEE - Leading manufacturer of ABS and EBS systems for commercial trucks!

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