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Our Mission


To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke Production Process, Inspection, and Quality Assurance services for their operations and supply chain. Globally. 24/7.


Our Culture


Establishing relations between employees and the company based on honesty and respect, placing common interests before individual ones. Basing our continuous development on respect for social community and the environment, as well as acting with full transparency towards colleagues, customers, and suppliers.


Our Values


Our main values include taking full responsibility for projects and commitments. Expressing ourselves openly and clearly to avoid any misunderstandings, in order to build close, valuable, and loyal relations within and outside the company.
We are committed to promoting and developing people’s skills. We work with the best professionals in the area and listen closely to their feedback so we can keep improving our processes.
We highly value proactivity. We are anticipating all possible changes and promote innovative solutions to exceed expectations in all areas, from production to logistics.


Our History


Starting with 2 people and 30 m3 in 2008 to more than 2000 m3 and almost 20 employees in 2017 – we can assure you that this was a great journey so far. In October 2012, SORL Bulgaria became part of the global leader SORL Auto Parts, Inc. Being side by side with the factory, we are building a network of long-term partnerships, focusing on the European market, as we want to offer the best possible quality at competitive prices.

Our Team


For us, our team is in our company, our production units, and our customers. We are all working together and contributing to guarantee overall satisfaction. We listen closely to our customer’s feedback and work hand in hand on planning our strategies and goals.


Teamwork - Working effectively with colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers. Behaving properly, displaying clear personal values that correspond to the company values.

Communication - Clearly expressing and communicating opinions, information and the key points of any argument, considering the specific nature of every person. Responding swiftly to the needs of listeners, paying close attention to reactions and feedback.


Diversity - Relating well with people from different cultures of the organization. Constructing wide-range, varied and effective interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside the organization, with colleagues, employees and customers. Viewing the discovery of diversity as an opportunity for personal and professional enrichment and growth.



• E - mark Certificate

• Diecasting facility
SORL has acquired a new factory for high-quality castings with a focus on original equipment manufacturers as well as aftermarket manufacturers such as Mercedes, Changan Ford, ZF, Bosch, TRW, Valeo, Wabco, Sanden and others.

• Patent award for SORL
We are happy to share SORL Auto Parts, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive brake systems as well as other key safety-related auto parts, announced that its design for an electric air compressor recently won the "2017 Excellent State Patent Award". The State Patent Award is the highest government Patent Award in China and is the only government award recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO").

• Ruili Kormee
KORMEE - Leading manufacturer of ABS and EBS systems for commercial trucks!


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