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Quality Control

Choosing SORL Bulgaria as a partner, you will get more than just the parts you ordered. Your business will benefit from the Quality Assurance process we follow and are so proud of.  

This process allows us to improve the overall production quality and make sure that we learn from our mistakes. Even though the parts pass numerous quality checks, if you have a claim, please don’t hesitate to send it back to us. Your feedback is important and useful for the R&D team. 

In addition to our internal processes, we also have an ISO 9001 certificate, in order to improve the quality and the services we provide. Having independent audits is our way to show we are committed to reaching the best possible quality.

SORL Production process

We are performing 3 inspections to prevent faulty products reaching our customers. The first check is being made by the factory before the goods shipped to Bulgaria, then again we check them before we store them in our warehouses and the third QC is before we ship them to you. Implementing this process in SORL Bulgaria gave us the opportunity to have specially trained quality controllers, who are responsible for the visual and performance checks of all goods that go trough our warehouses. 

Recently we have doubling the size of its previous operational laboratory. This new laboratory opening is in line with the company's strategy of increasing its operational capacity and providing its customers with constantly improved quality of products.Our state of the art laboratory will house our Quality Assurance Team and will be entirely focused on Quality Control of incoming products, to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce claims.

 You can learn more about our lab space here.



All right, so now that the quality is guaranteed, what's next?

We have been in business long enough to know the market and the specific needs you might have. This is why SORL Bulgaria offers 3 types of branding, so we could handle this for you. 

SORL Branding


White Labeled


Customized Branding


Bulk Shipments

You can benefit from the popularity of the SORL brand. The boxes, labels and metal plates include the company logo and the part number.


We offer the White Lable option if you want to rebrand the products later or these are the requirements of your clients. Whatever the reason, we can do it for you.


SORL Bulgaria could brand the parts, so you will save time and money for rebranding. We will use your boxes, label style and metal plates, so as soon you receive them you are ready to sell.


In addition to the branding, we offer bulk shipments -receiving the products without single packaging, can save you transport and storage costs.

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Where are our parts coming from?

SORL Auto Parts, Inc. (Ruili Group Ruian Auto Parts Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1987 and since then the factory develops, manufactures and distributes automotive brake systems and other key safety related auto parts to automotive original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, and the related aftermarket both in China and internationally. The Company’s products are principally used in different types of commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses.

SORL have established long-term business relationships with most of the major vehicle manufacturers in China, selling products to 75 vehicle manufacturers, including all of the key truck manufacturers in China – 50% of the annual sales are to OEMs. The Company’s Chinese sales network consists of 26 authorized distributors and over 2,000 sub-distributors covering the following 7 regions throughout China.

In 2015 SORL Auto Parts, Inc announced that it became a qualified supplier to Changchun Railway Vehicles Co. For Changke's CRH3 series of bullet trains, SORL is supplying energy absorbing systems, repair and replacement services for certain modules of the pneumatic valve system used throughout the train. In addition, the Company is also supplying repair and replacement services for certain modules of the pneumatic valve system for Changke's CRH5 series bullet trains.


• E - mark Certificate

• Diecasting facility
SORL has acquired a new factory for high-quality castings with a focus on original equipment manufacturers as well as aftermarket manufacturers such as Mercedes, Changan Ford, ZF, Bosch, TRW, Valeo, Wabco, Sanden and others.

• Patent award for SORL
We are happy to share SORL Auto Parts, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive brake systems as well as other key safety-related auto parts, announced that its design for an electric air compressor recently won the "2017 Excellent State Patent Award". The State Patent Award is the highest government Patent Award in China and is the only government award recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO").

• Ruili Kormee
KORMEE - Leading manufacturer of ABS and EBS systems for commercial trucks!

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